Montague Cold StorageĀ are innovative in using new equipment and / or services to meet their customer needs coupled with reducing operating costs.

This innovation also extends to becoming more sustainable by using resources more efficiently and reducing resource requirements where possible.

Some of the current examples of this are:

  • The installation of electronic data meters to read various values of electricity usage, this data is feed into the refrigeration PLC real time for demand management and to reduce usage where possible.
  • Installation of Variable Speed Drives to electric motors has assisted in reducing energy consumption
  • Installation of LED lighting is ongoing with some facilities completed for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, using motion sensors has also assisted in ensuring lights are only on when and where required.
  • Harvesting of Rain water from our large roof areas for usage in the refrigeration condensers
  • Voice operated picking used in conjunction with our WMS system
  • Portable printers mounted to forklifts to apply customer labels in an efficient and accurate manner
  • Recycling of office paper, stretch wrap and cardboard from the warehouse
  • Carbon Emissions reporting and tracking


Some of the future developments include:

  • Automated operation of forklifts for bulk movements
  • In feed conveyors to move product into the freezer rooms
  • Insulated high speed doors to reduce temperature loss
  • Replacement of existing refrigeration compressor motors with more efficient drive motors.
  • Conversion of Freon refrigeration systems to ammonia
  • All new building designs must reduce energy consumption