Date Purchased
38-40 Tullamarine Park Road Tullamarine 3043 Victoria
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Storage Capacity:
21,730 pallets
Storage Temperatures:
Freezer & Chiller
Site Manager:
Nik Krunic

About Tullamarine

Located in Melbourne’s north in close proximity to Tullamarine Airport and Melbourne’s main transport arteries, Tullamarine provides a convenient freezer and chiller storage location.

At Tullamarine, Montague provides a national distribution centre for major frozen food manufacturing and pick pack operations for customers with short shelf life products, servicing all retail & food service requirements. In 2009, Montague Cold Storage in Tullamarine underwent a $9 million dollar makeover to improve the storage capacity. The 21,000 pallet facility now boasts movements in excess of 3,000 pallet movements & 60,000 carton picks a week, plus housing voice to pick technology to support efficient and effective operations.

Tullamarine operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with a skilled team of over 60 employees dedicated to delivering the best service possible.

Tullamarine stores a variety of product including meat, dairy, juice, milk, frozen foods, deli goods and baked goods in varied controlled temperatures.