Narre Warren North

Date Built
12-14 Horswood Road Narre Warren North Victoria
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Storage Capacity:
Storage Temperatures:
Freezer & Chiller
Site Manager:
Malcolm Brain

About Narre Warren North

Narre Warren North is located 40kms south east of Melbourne and is the spiritual home of the Montague Group. The Narre Warren North Orchard was where it all began for the Montague family with patriarch Bill Montague planting the first apple trees in 1948.

In 1958 works commenced on the company’s first Cold Storage facility and is now co-shared with Montague Fresh packing and distribution divisions. Narre Warren North offers great flexibility and capacity for Montague Cold Storage diverse customer base & overflow in peak times.

Due to its proximity to Keysborough, the Narre Warren North site is managed by Malcolm Brain who oversees incoming and outgoing product at both sites. Narre Warren North has capacity for 2,192 pallets of freezer product and 1,322 pallets of chiller product.

Product stored at Narre Warren North ranges from dairy, meat, small goods, processed frozen goods and bakery items.